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James Worthy

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Superstar James Worthy is back with another smash single for the summer entitled "Tick Tock" which features Big Gipp of the legendary hip hop group Goodie Mob alongside members Ceelo Green, & more releasing August 13th, 2021. The song is the lead single from James Worthy's upcoming debut studio album coming soon. James recently announced the single (to be released on One9 Music distributed by Sony Orchard) via his social media, and received a huge amount of support.

James Worthy being a product of New York automatically gives you a distinct DNA that’s filled with determination to succeed. Not coming from a very musical family his introduction to several genres of music sparked his interest in song making which led to him studying well-known musicians, and songwriters. A young impressionable James began his musical journey at age 11 with having the pleasure of meeting the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson backstage at Webster Hall. One of his fondest memories of that experience was Mr. Jackson telling him that he would one day be influential in the entertainment industry. The Jackson co-sign secured the young star’s passion for music, and destiny was fulfilled. 

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